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Professional one-off cleaning Islington, As part of an agreed schedule of ongoing maintenance with an existing client, or as a one-off service, Quickrylimited can perform deep cleans for many different types of client.
Deep cleaning is a specialist service which our dedicated London cleaners can sure help with.
We offer deep cleaning services across London to schools, student halls, care-homes, community halls, hospitals and businesses, as well as end of tenancy / moving house deep cleans and many more..
Deep cleaning takes care of the hard to reach areas and those spaces that are trickier to clean on a day-to-day basis. For example, a school might book in a deep clean during the summer holidays to fully clean their carpets and hard floors, ensure all their IT equipment is hygienically clean and all the doors and windows are contamination free.
Alternatively a medical facility might book us for a deep clean prior to a CQC visit, just to ensure that their premises meet the required rigorous standards.


one off cleaning islington

Do You Need A One-Off Or Regular Cleaning Package - London

professional one-off & Regular Cleaning can sometimes be time-consuming and tiring. You might get so busy that you become unable to follow your cleaning schedule or keep up with all the work. A one-off clean or regular cleaning service, Is the best solution to this because it helps you catch up much faster than you could imagine.

Helps During A Move

A one-off cleaning service is ideal for an end of tenancy cleaning that requires excellent results. The professional domestic cleaners can make the home look brand new and intact

With a one-off cleaning service, you are confident of passing the final inspection for every room in the house for your deposit back.

It saves time, effort and money

Everyone appreciates something that would save them time, effort and money. A one-off clean or regular cleaning service will allow you to spend your energy on something more important than hours of cleaning. It also saves you money by providing you with more time to work or create a flexible work schedule. Cleaning can be laborious and it helps to have someone else take the burden once in a while.

It helps you prepare for family visits

When your family or your spouse’s family come visiting, your home is expected to be sparkling clean. You would want to avoid the scolding from your mother or in-laws and the bad impression a dirty or poorly cleaned home can give. Trying a one-off cleaning service is crucial if you are too busy preparing for the visit, or would prefer a professional cleaner’s help. It will save you time, energy.

one off cleaning islington

Why choose a one off cleaning service?

One off cleaning service is designed to get your home into a top-notch condition, and we will even give a deep clean if required. Customers hire a one off clean for a number of reasons and these consist of:

  1. To create a good first impression on everybody staying in the property
    In case you don’t have the time to perform a thorough clean of your home, due to work or leisure commitments
  2. – Customers do not have the right equipment to complete a full one off clean, quickdrylimited turns up fully equip with nothing but the best, they carry various special tools for this purpose.
  3. – For any medical restrictions that restrict you from performing a clean due to dust allergies.


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We allow you to tailor your deep clean needs even further with our extra add-ons

one off cleaning - regular cleaning -

why choose a regular cleaning service?

When your home is taking care of frequently, less time will be needed for maintaining its state of cleanliness. Not only that, but the regular cleaning bears couple more perks you may benefit

  1. Work Is Carried out by the same reliable cleaner – each weekly cleaner is insured, vetted and trained.
  2. Time and frequency upon your choice – opt for weekly, biweekly or monthly visitations for all London areas, also available on weekends and bank holidays.
  3. No minimum contract obligation – book a cleaning service with no bond required.
  4. Completely flexible – arrange the most suitable service for your needs by giving us a list of your personal cleaning priorities.
  5. 24/7 Customer service – always available to help you alter or cancel an appointment and monitor each booking so that there is no hassle for you.

Quickdry Cleaning Service has a excellent reputation in your local area with loads of 5star reviews – have a look for your self….one off cleaning - regular cleaning -


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