Expert Pressure Washing Islington

First impressions count. Poorly maintained or shabby premises can harm your business’s reputation with current and potential clientele. Quickry pressure washing Islington, can ensure that you make the right impression first time and every time, using our high powered state of the art industrial pressure washing equipment.

We can also supply job specific risk assessments and method statements as well as COSHH data statements if required.

Our pressure washing Islington services cover:
– Office hard landscaped areas
– Car parks
– Petrol station forecourts
– Sports courts (tennis, football, netball etc)
– Industrial and commercial premises
– Pubs, restaurants and hotels
– Shopping centres, shop fronts, walkways
– Graffiti removal
– Sign/fascia cleaning, bus shelters
– Property managing agents
– University campuses
– Hospitals
– Housing associations

When the cleaning is finished, we will ensure that we leave your premises in pristine condition, bagging all rubbish and removing it from the site.


pressure washing machine islington

Pressure Washing islington Procedure

Step 1
Clear your patio. Move any plants or furniture and give surfaces a good sweep. This will eliminate any risk of damage or injury from flying debris and having a clear patio will give you more uniform results.

Step 2
We then Connect the pressure washer to the hose and turn on the tap, Then connect to your mains supply and turn on the machine.

Step 3
If the property is in bad condition we will use a cleaning detergent, we wet your paving first on a very light setting.I add the detergent to our pressure washer and spray onto your patio using the correct ratio of cleaning product ensuring no damages occur,
We Leave for 5 – 10 minutes. for the product to soak up and release all the Grime, Dirt, Algae and whatever dirties are lurking.

Step 4
If using a our lance, we turn the machine to a medium pressure setting to wash the detergent off. We start from one corner or edge, and work across the patio using sweeping motions.

Step 5
Upon Completion we turn off our pressure washer and disconnect from the water supply clean up any left over bits and pack our equipment back in the van ready for another job!


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