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How will the professional carpet cleaner, clean my carpet?

There are many carpet cleaning methods available to get your carpets cleaned. They all work and many companies adopt a particular method and use that, as their main method.

We use the BEST and most ADVANCED cleaning system available, called TEXATHERM SYSTEM. With this your carpets could be dry within just 30 minutes!
Performing a professional carpet clean takes time, knowledge and patience, to ensure you get the best clean possible.

before and after shot of a particaly cleaned carpet

Carpet cleaning is assessed and treated differently to Upholstery cleaning, but the principles are the same. Removing dry soil, pet hair, heavy dust, killing dust mite, pet dander, SAFELY removing stains tailored to your environment and carpet construction.

Using Expert knowledge and professional equipment to get the carpet clean. But also using my passion for carpet cleaning and customer services to deliver it

What can I expect from a professional cleaner?

  • After professional cleaner has finished your carpets will be dry in a matter of hours, with no over wetting.
  • Moisture control to avoid over any wetting. Every professional cleaner will know the damage and problems associated with over wetting.
  • No harsh chemicals used. All family and pet friendly!
  • Passionate knowledge from a friendly technician with a smile.
  • Complete care for your investments.
  • Unique Excellence Guarantee (more on this on our home page)
When Do I Need My Carpet Cleaned?

Are your carpets are looking dull and grubby. In the main traffic areas?
Have you noticed more stains recently…
When did you last have them cleaned professionally?
Or have you been looking at borrowing your in laws Vax?!?
Now is the perfect time to get in touch. To receive complete excellence, in cleaning!

dirty carpet

What’s the difference between Hot Water Extraction and Low Moisture Cleaning.

they both will clean your carpet, its up to the Professional Carpet Cleaner to determine the best method based on your needs and concerns. coupled with the condition and soiling type of your much loved floor covering.

Hot Water Extraction

This method is at the top of the popularity table when it comes to Professional Carpet Cleaning, not only is the process easy to follow, it is also very versatile.
you can use it to remove all soiling levels but is also greatly misused by the less professional cleaners.

Hot Water Extraction equipment relies on water pressure and flow combined with heat and vacuum to recover the rinse and suspended soil.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

low loisture cleaning
This method is also misunderstood! Its not easy to understand and takes great knowledge and experience where to use it, but if used correctly will massively improve your carpets and experience whilst giving the technician the underhand with productivity and expertise.

There are many types of Low Moisture Cleaning and going in to detail will take some time. What is important is that, I will tell you the best method for you and your carpets and will inform you the advantages.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning equipment -

We have a few processes and procedures, but our most popular is the Steam Carpet Cleaning London

The process for this is as follows:

  • Firstly we will Vacuum all areas to remove any Loose Dirt and Dust;
  • Then we will Pre-Treat the area to remove the Stains;
  • Then using our Texatherm EMV201 Low Moisture system. With the necessary Specialist Shampoos and Deodorisers we clean the Entire surface, removing all Smells and Bacterias
  • Finally where needed we would use a Powerful Spot Treatment for any remaining Stubborn stains, then leaving the Carpet to fully dry on average 30mins
  • Besides the hot water extraction method, we also offer a service called Texatherm for the more Delicate of Carpets (DRY IN 30MINS)

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