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Furniture Repair London & Cushion Stuffing – Padding Service, At Quickdry We specialise in quality, the key to our business success.
As an established with years of experience in the upholstery trade, we have the skills and knowledge to produce the finest degree of workmanship in all aspects of upholstery and furniture restoration. With a wide range of fabrics and materials, we can reupholster both traditionally and modern at very competitive rates. We are experienced restorers and reupholstering of all manner of wood and leather furniture. We have an excellent reputation and are known for our fine craftsmanship. Our advice is accurate and friendly and our services cater for all your needs.

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Welcome to Quickdry Furniture Repair London - Offering professional furniture repair and reupholstering service

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Commercial Upholstery

Is the seating in your bar due for a revamp? Moved into a new restaurant and need booths and benches fitting? Love the look of upholstered walls? Transform your business premises with the professional upholstery services and repairs of Woods in Islington, london. With over 10 years of experience, we know how to create the perfect result for any premises.

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Domestic Upholstery

Does your sofa need repairing? Want to change the look of your favourite chair? Need a specialist for antique furniture restoration? When you need professional upholstery repair services in Islington, and across north London. Call Quickdry furniture repairs islington and speak to our experienced team of domestic upholstery specialists. We can also assist you with your own DIY upholstery projects and leather furniture repair.


Leather Upholstery

Is your leather sofa looking old and worn? Worried about a tear in your leather seating? Replacing leather furniture can be extremely costly – save yourself money and time with our upholstery and leather furniture repairs in london. We can also replace fabric covers with leather, or create brand new seating for your bar or restaurant. Call Quickdry Furniture repairs today

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Leather Sofa Repair
All of our Technicians are fully qualified to repair all different types of leather from aniline to corrective grain. the types of restorations includes burns, tears, scratches, colour loss and most other issues.
If your sofa gets damaged you don’t need to throw it away or get a new one, most can be easily repaired by our experienced technicians. Each of them essentially carry around a mobile workshop in the back of their vans, stocked full of everything they’d need to fix your sofa on-site. we can bolster the fillings to the seats, back and arm cushions to make your sofa good as new. And getting you back to the regular comfort you are used to.


Fabric Sofa Repair
A damaged sofa doesn’t mean you have to buy a new sofa, our expert technicians are able to fix most damage that a fabric sofa can take. Each of our team carry all the essential items in their vans to ensure they can fix your sofa onsite on the first visit.

Sofa Re-upholstery
If you want a new look for your room without spending massive amounts of money on a new sofa just let us know, it’s the same for our leather sofas. Pick a fabric you want, either from our collection or from somewhere else, and we’ll re-cover your sofa for you.

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Zipper doesn't work? We can correct it for you.

Have a burn hole in your fabric? Not a problem, we know the best ways to fix the hole. If it’s a small burn/cut in the sofa we can fill in the damage and cover it up so there’s no visibility of the original damage. Or if it’s a massive burn we can re-cover the whole section with a new piece of leather to match the rest of your sofa.

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Are your sofa seats sagging?

We know the feeling, you go to sit down on your favourite sofa only to find you sink into it and feel like you’re sitting in a hole, or even worse you can feel the springs/mechanism below you. Not to worry, if your sofa has started sagging or gone flat through general use we can bolster the fillings to the seats, back and arm cushions to make your sofa good as new. And getting you back to the regular comfort you are used to.

We rectify all types of structural damage including creaking or broken frames, loss of resilience in foams and fibre, springs, castors and motion furniture such as recliner mechanisms, cables and handsets etc.
Foam seat cushions can be replaced using a harder or softer grade for more comfort. Polyester fibre which is commonly used in sofa back cushions and sometimes in seat cushions can be boosted or replaced to reduce bagginess caused by use.


Furniture Repair specialist | Islington

If you have any other Questions, feel free to contact Quickdry furniture repair islington.

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