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Moving home and want to make sure that your deposit is returned in full

Are you a landlord or estate agent looking to get a property ready for new tenants? If so look no further, Quickdry Cleaning Services offers A fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service.

Our experienced cleaners work with our own end of tenancy cleaning plans and checklists, however, we are also able to follow cleaning inventories as specified by inventory clerks, landlords and letting agents (who sign off the cleaning works), thus ensuring that we meet both our high standards and any bespoke requirements you may have.

You can rest assured that our fully trained and experienced end of tenancy cleaners will arrive fully equipped – with all the materials, equipment and best quality cleaning products and detergents – so that they can achieve the best results for you. Basically, we look after everything for you and try to make the process simple and stress-free.
So if you are looking for professional end of tenancy clean Prices at the best prices look no further than us.

Contact us for more information and a FREE quote today. We look forward to hearing from you.end of tenancy

what Is A End Of Tenancy Clean?

Put simply an end of tenancy clean (or end of tenant clean as it is sometimes known) is the thorough cleaning of a flat, house or apartment at the end of a tenants stay at a premises.

The concept of an end of tenancy clean is that the home is returned to the state that it was initially found it. This is obviously important for both landlords and tenants alike for the following reasons:

A landlord wants to see their property in a good state and to a returned to a high “return standard” at the end of a tenancy (as is often outlined in letting agreements).
A tenant would often invest in an end of tenancy cleaning plan for the following reasons;

so that a holding deposit is returned, as a gesture of goodwill towards the landlord/new tenant or because they would rather not carry out what can be a long and difficult clean themselves.

If you are moving home and looking for someone to look after your cleaning, contact our end of tenancy cleaners today and let us help take some of the stress out of moving home.

Contact us to book end of tenancy cleaning.

Hiring An End Of Tenancy Cleaner Near Me?

Carrying out an end of tenancy clean is more difficult than a standard domestic clean and it is a form of deep cleaning. For this reason hiring experienced specialist teams who can carry out this job, speedily, efficiently and to a high standard is important.

Sometimes in these deep cleans strong cleaning products and bleaches are needed, in some cases specialist equipment is also used to achieve industry leading results, so it is always best to leave it to a professional team to carry out.

With all the end of tenancy cleaning jobs we carry out at Quickdry cleaning services, we work to a approved standard checklist we provide or a checklist you provide, we work through the checklist 1 by 1 assuring we don’t miss and inch of your property.

It is also advisable to inform us of any tricky areas or places in your home that you feel may need extra special and specific cleaning before our visit.

 Our cleaners always take pride in their work and we believe that both efficiency and professionalism cannot be matched by any other local cleaning company and for that reason we believe we are the best end of tenancy cleaners.

We believe that the main benefits of hiring experienced end of tenancy cleaners are the below:

  1. High standards – the cleaning is carried out to a professional and high standard.
  2. Stress-free – it remove the stress out of having to carry out a deep end of contract clean yourself – at an already busy time, we believe this is important.
  3. Saves you time – as mentioned this type of clean is not only difficult but cleaning a whole property from top to bottom takes hours.
  4. Saves you money – we offer great prices for the high-quality standard of work we do and as the teams are able to come prepared you don’t need to worry about buying products or hiring in equipment.
  5. Peace of mind – our professional cleaners are insured and vetted, so you can be confident that your property is in good hands and all areas will be treated with the correct products, this raising the chances of
  6. Certified – presentation of a receipt of work proves that the work has been done to a high-standard and this can be presented to your landlord or letting agent. ensuring you get back all of your deposit in full!

looking for an end of tenancy cleaner contact us today. We can send you FREE quotes and more information. We promise to have your property looking fantastic in no time after builder cleaners


Quickdry Cleaning Services, Can take care of it with our End of Tenancy cleaning services which cover the following types of properties:

  1. Houses
  2. Flats and apartments
  3. Bungalows
  4. Holiday homes
  5. Student Halls of Residence
  6. Council property cleans
  7. Short term rentals

For more information contact us today.


You’ll have no doubt be warned that you need to do as much as you can to hold onto your hefty security rental deposit and have it returned to you at the end of your tenancy – and this includes making sure the property that you’ve rented is spick and span before the landlord comes in to carry out their final inspection. Whilst you’re entitled for a property to show reasonable ‘wear and tear’ from your time living there, it should be in the best possible shape for the final inspection in order to demonstrate to the landlord and/or management company just how responsible a tenant you’ve been. This’ll increase your chances of a great reference from them in the future as well.

Cleaning Services for Landlords

Even if a tenant leaves your property in a good state there’s no doubt that your new set of tenants will be expecting nothing less than perfection.

In order to avoid delays in moving in, and therefore delays in receiving rent, it’s the best policy to have everything checked over and cleaned by a professional end of tenancy cleaning team, As well as offering full deep cleans our teams at Quickdry Cleaning Services can also help deep carpet clean with rapid drying time!, clean outside areas, take care of any light household duties and give everything a thorough sanitation.

Even new builds usually need a good check over and scrub before they can be moved into.
It’s also always worth getting professional cleaners in before any photos are taken for property marketing and ideally before potential tenants are granted viewings to look around.

The Quickdry Cleaning team can offer real flexibility with their visits – if you’d prefer them to do so overnight or during anti-social hours to avoid clashing with estate agents, property management teams, photographers and potential future tenants, that can be done at a mutually convenient time. 


Obviously a well used room in any home our teams will look at the key cleaning duties below to get your kitchen looking and smelling amazing:

  • Kitchen appliances cleaned inside and out, including the oven
  • All work surfaces thoroughly cleaned included units, drawers, shelves, cupboards and fixtures
  • De-scale sink and taps
  • Polishing of relevant surfacesafter builder cleaner
  • Floor space to be vacuumed and mopped
  • Wiping down skirting boards and plug sockets
  • Wiping clean any light fittings to remove dust
  • Degrease any wall tiles, grouting and polish clean
  • The cleaning the extractor fan
  • Bins cleaned inside and out
  • The cleaning of all mirrors, pictures and glass work
  • Cleaning the hob splashback or paintwork areas
  • Remove any cobwebs

Again a room which can often need a lot of cleaning attention, our standard end of tenancy cleaning duties include:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the tiles, fitting, grouting, sealant
  • De-scale the bathroom throughout including taps, shower fixtures and glass
  • Cleaning glass, mirrors and windows
  • Any bathroom cupboards and surfaces to be cleaned inside and out
  • Wiping clean all skirting boards and charging sockets
  • Floor space to be vacuumed and mopped
    The cleaning of any extractor fans
  • Cleaning any visible plumbing works and pipes
    Removing any cobwebs
Bedroom Cleans

A clean bedroom is always very important especially when trying to appeal to new tenant’s, especially under the bed and where drawers have been removed.after builder cleaner

Our cleaners cover the following as basic:

  • Any furniture to be cleaned inside and out
  • All door furniture to be cleaned, hinges and tops of doors and frames
  • Wiping clean any light fittings
  • Vacuuming thoroughly and under any bedroom furniture
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Wiping clean all skirtings and plug sockets
  • Cleaning on and behind all radiators
  • Mopping floors (if necessary)
  • Removing any cobwebs
  • Cleaning of balconies
Living space, Lounge and Living Room Cleans?

Often the main and most well used room in any home, living spaces can need a lot of attention during an end of tenancy clean:after builder cleaner

  • Windows and mirrors to be cleaned
  • Any furniture to be cleaned inside, out and under
  • Any electrical equipment and TV stands to be cleaned
  • Vacuumed throughout including under any furniture
  • All doors to be cleaned including hinges, tops of doors and frames
  • Polishing of wooden surfaces and window sills
  • Wiping clean any light fittings to remove dust
  • Mopping floors (if necessary) of hard or tiled floors
  • Cleaning on and behind radiators
  • Removal of any cobwebs

The hallway is often the first room and therefore the first impression that prospective new tenant may see, so it’s important that they create the right one. Stairs also are tricky areas to clean, our cleaning teams follow the below cleaning schedule in these areas:

  • Vacuuming all areas
  • Mopping floors (if necessary)
  • Wiping clean skirting boards and sockets
  • Wiping clean any light fittings
  • Windows to be cleaned inside and out, as well as any mirrors
  • Any furniture and shelves to be cleaned inside and out
  • Staircase nosings to be cleaned
  • Handrails and ledges to be cleaned
  • Remove any cobwebs up high and between rails on stairs

As well as the standard duties carried out above we will always add in any additional services you require. You simply let us know what they are. Our cleaning teams can deal with anything including the below:

End of Tenancy Cleaners Summary

If you are looking for a top end of tenancy clean contact us today.
Our teams are always available to help, whether it be early start or late finish! We know how stressful moving house can be, so we like to take a bit of weight off your mind and look after all the cleaning carrying this out to a high-level for both tenants and landlords.

Contact us now for a for quick and easy free quote for end of tenancy cleaning so we can book your stress free clean in the diary.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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