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I don’t know how you feel, but to me, most importantly I would like to thank you for visiting our web site dedicated to. Carpet cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Furniture Repair, stone floor cleaning, restoration and specialist serviceCarpet cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Furniture Repair, stone floor cleaning, restoration and specialist servis.

Who Is Quickdry Carpet And Sofa Cleaners?

quickdry carpet and sofa cleaners Is A Family Run Local Business With over 5 years experience,Quickdry Provides A 5Star intensive deep cleaning Service specialising in restoration, deep cleaning of fine fabrics - All Types of upholstery - Deep cleaning & restoring your carpets.

we cover all of London, Enfield & Hertford
Going that extra mile, just for you

Look no further if you require a friendly, courteous, reliable, trustworthy skilled cleaning and restoration company. That will go that extra mile to take care of you, your home or business, with the most outstanding customer service experience you could imagine.If you are not 100% completely thrilled with the level of craftsmanship, quality or customer service when you hire us to revive your carpets and upholstery, deodourising those unpleasant smells. Then we have not just made ourselves a failure, most importantly we have let you, the customer down

You are just a step away…

To ensuring you receive a service experience any other professional carpet cleaner, natural stone floor restorer or remediation specialist may only dream to achieve, you will always get expert advice, tips or help on maintenance available for that extra helping hand.

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Highly Experienced Carpet Repair Specialist - London

Have You Damaged Your Carpet!? Concerned You Wont Get Your Deposit Back? Don’t panic, the worry is over…

-We Can now save you a ridiculous amount of money-


Damaged your carpet! Unsure if a carpet repair will do the trick?

Have you got a cigarette burn, a tear, or the colour is starting to fade on your carpet next to the patio doors?
Or even the carpet looks stretched from settling, shrunk from a previous poor carpet cleaner.
A tuft or loop is missing from the pile of your expensive wool carpet, bleach has accidentally been dropped? Or maybe the fringes on your rug are starting to disappear.
A whole row has been pulled from your Berber, your beloved pet has permanently stained the carpet! Then help is at hand, even if stain removal is not an option.
The thought of you living with a bug bare, rearranging your furniture or having the cost of replacement would not come into our equation of carpet care, obtaining the ideal appearance is easy when you call us 07702029159 for our carpet repair service.

What type of carpet damage can be repaired?

  • Cigarette and fire
  • place burns
  • Rips, wholes and cuts
  • Iron burns
  • Pet damage
  • Permanent stains
  • Car carpet repairs

permanent stain completely removed using our carpet repair service in london - carpet repair expert

Before thinking of replacement. A few simple things, should be considered first!

> The cost of replacing the carpet
> New carpet fitting fees
> Disposal of the old carpet

Are You Looking For A Domestic Or Commercial Carpet Cleaning Contractor?...

Choosing the right professional commercial carpet cleaning contractor in London as a business owner or manager can be a frustrating headache.

Cleaning Carpets, Restoring Wood and Natural Stone Floors within High End Hotels and Leisure Clubs, Prestigious Offices, Care Homes, Restaurants and Pubs or even a Clinical Environment is completely different than the average Joe company cleaning in a residential home.
A lot more systems need to be put in place for example H&S/RAMS documents and most likely out of hours working. Usually this type of company, try to give it a go and then find out they can’t hack the pressure or just haven’t got a clue and end up wasting more than your valuable time.

Once you have made initial contact with us it will soon become clear that we have done this many times before, aiding your requirements and fulfilling your needs.
Many years have been spent working alongside reputable businesses from your local high street shop to international companies within the commercial and industrial sectors.
Not only gaining experience but an outstanding reputation for minimal down time, a turn-a-round you are looking for while supplying you with cost effective alternatives to long term expenditures.
There really is more to us than cleaning and restoring soft and hard floor furnishings.

A Flexible carpet cleaning schedule that fits around your life.

We understand our clients have their own busy lives and families to manage and that’s why we offer a fully flexible cleaning schedule to fit exactly around your needs. Our team are extremely willing and able and no carpet cleaning job is ever too big or small. Unsure? Why not give us a call on 07702029159 to find out more

Say No To Lengthy Drying Times

**carpets dry in 30mins**

To ensure all carpets are cleaned to the highest standard we use the Quickdry (6 point) Cleaning programme:

The Quickdry Cleaning Process:

1. Pre-inspection and report

We carefully check your carpet type, the level of soiling and advise you on any permanent staining that can’t be removed.

2. Pre-vacuum

We use a high suction commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove any loose soil or grit from the carpet.

3. Pre-treatment

Particular spots and stains are identified and treated. The whole carpet is sprayed with a chemical agent to break down and loosen soil deposits.

4. Agitation

The carpet area is agitated either by a hand carpet groomer or by an electric rotary cleaner (depending on the extent of soiling).

5.Carpet Clean Using Texatherm system & How Water Extraction Combined

Your carpet is cleaned using an appropriate deep cleaning system.

6. Post-inspection

We inspect the carpet thoroughly with our customer making sure they are completely happy with the results.

Why have your carpets regularly professionally cleaned?

  • Removes deep down dirt that domestic vacuums simply can’t reach
  • Eliminates odours and helps your rooms smell clean and fresh again
  • Prevents bacteria and allergen buildup making your carpet hygienically clean and safe for your family
  • Prolong the life of your carpet as trapped soil and grit increases carpet wear and tear
  • Removes unsightly stains and spots
  • Improves indoor air quality – airbourne pollutants get trapped in the carpet and then released by foot traffic

Let the expert carpet cleaning, Islington, team at Quickdryhelp clean and restore your carpet so that it looks good and smells fresh.
Contact Quickdry Carpet And Sofa Cleaners today.

We Have A Wide Variety Of Services Including - General Cleaning, End Of Tenancy, Full House cleaning, One Of Cleaning, Window Cleaning,Wheelie Bin Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Carpet Repair, Furniture Repair, stone floor cleaning, restoration and specialist service.

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